I Feel Pretty!


Have you seen the trailer to this film yet???


If your answer was NO click here.

The film is about Renee Barrett, an ordinary woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis, wakes up from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman in the world, despite looking the same she has always looked. With this newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly, but what will happen when she realizes her appearance never changed?!

I know it’s not just me who is excited to see this new movie!! I love that they have created a movie that shows how people feel when they hit the shops, go for nights out & just daily living. Ever since I saw the trailer last year I have been waiting for this film to hit the big screen. However the film is not due to be released until the 20th April (USA) & 4th May (UK).

Even though this film has not aired yet it already has mixed reviews from the public. After being premiered on the Ellen show it hit Twitter and lets just say it didn’t go down well!

What’s your opinion? Do you think this movie is Inspirational/Body Positive or not?

Just A Plus Size Girl


My List Of Places You Can Buy Plus Size Clothing From!

I have quite a few people message me asking about different clothes shops that they can buy from so i decided to create a list of all the current place you can buy Plus Size clothing from…..If you can think of any more please comment below and i will add them in.

Just A Plussize Girl 🖤

  1. Yours Clothing (Sizes 16-32)
  2. In The Style (Size 6-28)
  3. New Look Curve (Size 18-32)
  4. Boohoo Plus (Sizes 16-28)
  5. Asos Curve (Sizes 16-34)
  6. Littlewoods – V By Very Curve (Sizes 16-30)
  7. Missguided Plus Size (Sizes 16-24)
  8. Little Mistress (Sizes 16-26)
  9. Want That Trend (Sizes 16-24)
  10. H & M Plus (Sizes L-4XL)
  11. River Island Plus (Sizes 18-28)
  12. Fashion Nova Curve (Sizes XL-3XL)
  13. Rose Gal (Sizes XL-5XL)
  14. Evans (Sizes 14-32)
  15. Lovedrobe (Sizes 14-32)
  16. Topsy Curvy (Sizes 16-30)
  17. Simply Be (Sizes 12-32)
  18. Fashion World (Sizes 8-34)
  19. Marisota/Fifty Plus (Sizes 10-32)
  20. Curvissa (Sizes 14-32)
  21. Elvi (Sizes 8-28)
  22. Navabi (Sizes 14-32)
  23. Monki (Sizes XXS-XL)
  24. House Of Fraser (Sizes 2-26)
  25. Marks & Spencer Curve (Sizes 18-32)
  26. Dorothy Perkins Curve (Sizes 4-28)
  27. Forever 21 UK Plus Size (Sizes XL-4XL)
  28. Pink Clove (Sizes 16-32)
  29. Bon Marche (Sizes 10-28)
  30. Lindy Bop (Sizes 8-26)
  31. Apples & Pears Clothing (Sizes 16-32)
  32. Vixen Curves (Sizes 14_28)
  33. Couldn’t Curve Less (Sizes 16-32)
  34. Curve Wow (Sizes 16-26)
  35. City Chic (Sizes 14-24)
  36. OBD Clothing (Sizes 8-28)
  37. Nike Plus Size (Sizes XS-3XL)
  38. Praslin Clothing (Sizes 16-26)
  39. Plus Equals (Sizes 14-42)
  40. George By Asda (Sizes 6-28)
  41. Matalan Plus Size (Sizes 18-28)
  42. Next Curve (Sizes 16-28)
  43. Pretty Little Thing (Sizes 4-26)
  44. Quiz Clothing (Sizes 4-28)
  45. EMP Clothing (Up to 5xl)
  46. Nine X Lingerie (Size S-8XL)
  47. Scarlett & Jo (Sizes 10-32)
  48. One One Three (Sizes 16-26)
  49. Nicky Rockets (Sizes S-5xl)
  50. Voodoo Vixen (Sizes 12-32)
  51. Self Love Brings Beauty (Sizes S-5XL)
  52. Primark (Sizes 6-22)
  53. Gemma Collins Collection (Sizes 16-26)
  54. Joanie Clothing (Sizes 8-22)
  55. Work Your Curves (Sizes 12-30)
  56. Sainsburys – TU (Sizes 8-24)
  57. Tesco – F&F (Sizes 6-28)
  58. The Awfully Nice Dresser (Size 8-28)
  59. M & Co. (Size 10-32)
  60. Carolinas Dress Room (Sizes 8-24)

We_Bbw Photoshoot!!! 📸

Let me tell you this day did not start easy! They say bad things come in 3’s….right! I travelled down to London for this photoshoot. It’s about a 2 and half hour journey when everything runs smoothly. The journey was running fine..until we reached London. There was tons of traffic, roadworks, a road was closed off that i needed to go through, had to detour another 20mins round and to top it all off the sat nav died and i had a arguement with my mother (who btw was being very nice by driving me) But 4hrs later I finally arrived!!!

The photoshoot was held by Ria (WeBBW_) at Studio 101 in London.

The amazing photography was taken by Mekx Photography & my make up was done by Devoiler.

The photoshoot was put together to try help boost body confidence, start that modelling portfolio that you have always wanted or just have a laugh & meet new people.

I attended this shoot as I needed more photos to build my portfolio, I had such an amazing experience.

Links for WeBbw, the photographer & makeup artist are above.

Just A Plussize Girl 🖤