My name is Alexandra & i am an ADDICT!

For those of you that don’t know me or are new to my blog heyyy… name is Alexandra but everyone calls me Alex, i am 28 years old, a plussize model & blogger, bit of a workaholic & i am totally addicted to clothes shopping!


So i have 2 jobs the first one is working at the one and only Yours Clothing, one of the top plussize clothing stores. I love my job. I love the clothes (& the discount), the fact that there is a range of clothes that cater to my size & also the girls i work with who have become my friends…or so i would like to think lol. My second job is at my local shop Nisa. I have only been there a few weeks but i like it the days go by fast and i pretty much get to see the people i know…everyday!!! The downside to living in a small town where everyone knows each other.


I never used to be that into fashion believe it or not. I used to dress in my nike tracksuit with my hair slicked back and me big gold hoops in! Yes…I was that kinda girl. I currently have 4 storage boxes full of clothes (probably all new with tags), a pile of clothes on top of my chest of drawers that need to be listed on eBay, 2 tidy rails pack full of clothes, a washing bin that is overflowing with even more clothes, a 6 tiered shoe rack packed with boots/shoes/trainer/sandals, 4 jewellery boxes full bracelets/earrings/necklaces, a draw full of designer hairgrips (my Romany side lol) & makeup……way too much makeup!! I mean who needs 20 lipkits, 13 palettes, 6 mascara & god know what else is in my drawers. I obviously do! My name is Alexandra & i am an ADDICT!

(This is the current state of my room! 😂)

I’ve realised lately that I always post about clothing, whether it be on my blog or instagram & stopped writing about myself & the thing i have been up to. So i promise to try and keep you more updated!

Just A Plussize Girl



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    Yay love it 😍

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